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Discover Sedona Vortex Hiking Tours:
Your Gateway to Transformation

Journey Through the Heart of Sedona's Vortexes for Healing and Self-Discovery

 Welcome to Sedona Vortex Hiking Tours, where every path leads to a new horizon of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. Join dynamic duo Dr. Harmony & Deremiah *CPE for a unique journey tailored to align your spirit with the mystical energies of Sedona's vortexes.

Our array of services are perfect for individuals, couples, and small groups, offering a path to personal growth and spiritual rejuvenation.

Experience the transformative power of nature to rebirth,  renew,  and realign amidst Sedona's stunning landscapes.

Ever felt like taking a break to be just you?

Escape to Sedona for a blend of healing, adventure, and self-discovery. Sedona Rebirth Hiking Tours offers transformative experiences for private or small groups, including personalized healing retreats, guided vortex hikes, unique spiritual ceremonies, shamanic journeys, reiki certification, and intimate "Weddings in the Wild" amidst the stunning backdrop of Sedona's red rocks and energy vortexes.


Dr. Harmony and Deremiah *CPE, renowned healers, offer immersive experiences in quantum healing, Reiki, sound healing, qigong, and so much more!


Come breathe, laugh, let go, feel alive, and find your true self in nature's embrace. Your possibilities for transformation are endless in Sedona.

 Take the First Step Towards a New You!
Sedona is calling. Will you answer?

YES... I am ready for rejuvenation and self-discovery

Choose Your Experience...

Sedona Hiking Tours

Sedona Hiking Tours:

Trek & Transform

Experience the transformative power of Sedona's red rocks and vortex energy on a guided transformational hiking journey.

Sedona Couples Retreats

Sedona Couples Retreats

Conscious Couples

Embark on a journey with Dr. Harmony & Deremiah *CPE in Sedona to deepen your connection. Discover guided meditations, couple's yoga, and workshops for better communication. Gain tools for lasting growth in a magical setting.

Sedona Retreats

Sedona Retreats:

VIP Half & Full Day Retreats

In the heart of Sedona's vibrant energies, experience a 1:on:1 curated journey of spiritual awakening, alignment, and activation. This tailored experience offers a cocoon for deep introspection, reflection, and personal creation.

Shamanic Journeys Sedona, Dive deep into spiritual realms and awaken your inner mystic.

Sedona Native Rituals:

Shamanic Vortex Journey

Delve into the mystic union of ancient shamanic practices and Sedona's powerful vortex energies. Led by Dr. Harmony & Deremiah *CPE, seasoned Shamans, this journey offers a transformative exploration of the spirit realm, melding drumming, rituals, and guided sessions. Discover age-old wisdom, healing, and a deeper connection to the world beyond. Embrace the dance with ancestral energies in the heart of Sedona.

Sedona Hiking Tours

Sedona Vortex Tours:

Hike & Heal

Immerse in the restorative dance of Sedona's energies. Experience holistic healing and rebalance your chakras for a harmonious self.

Sedona Wellness Retreats

Sedona Vortex Tours:

Spiritual Journeys

Delve deep into the mysteries of your soul. Gain insights and clarity as Dr. Harmony uses her psychic abilities and delivers Universal messages about your destiny, all amidst the potent energies of Sedona.

Reiki Certification Sedona.  Master the ancient art of Reiki through our comprehensive Levels 1, 2, and 3 certification.

Reiki Certified in Sedona:

Reiki Levels 1-2-3 Certification

Amidst the powerful energies of Sedona, unlock the secrets of Reiki. Dr. Harmony's certification program is more than just a course – it's a transformative experience.

Weddings in Sedona,  love in Sedona's mystic landscapes. Tailored wedding ceremonies that resonate with your soul's union.

Weddings in Sedona:

Vortex Wedding Ceremony’s 

Celebrate the eternal bond of love against Sedona's magical backdrop. Make vows where the universe stands witness, resonating with the vibrations of everlasting love. For those tying the knot, reaffirming their bond, proposing, or choosing self-marriage, we offer spiritually-energized ceremonies tailored for mindful couples.