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Discover Sedona Vortex Hiking Tours:
Your Gateway to Transformation

Journey Through the Heart of Sedona's Vortexes for Healing and Self-Discovery

Explore the transformative power of Sedona with our Vortex and Spiritual Tours. Join Dr. Harmony & Deremiah *CPE for guided hikes through Sedona’s energy vortexes, where every step is a part of your journey towards spiritual awakening and self-discovery. Our tours are meticulously crafted to align your spirit with the potent energies of this sacred landscape.

We offer a diverse range of experiences tailored to foster personal growth and spiritual enrichment. Whether you’re seeking the introspection of a solo retreat, a couple’s journey, or the  a group tour, our services are designed to meet your needs. Participate in healing retreats, energy healing sessions, and wellness retreats, all set against the backdrop of Sedona’s stunning red rocks.

Ever felt like taking a break to be just you?

Escape the ordinary and dive into a world of healing, adventure, and personal transformation with Sedona Rebirth Hiking Tours. Our offerings include not just guided vortex hikes but also personalized spiritual ceremonies, shamanic journeys, Reiki certification, and intimate Weddings in the Wild. Dr. Harmony and Deremiah *CPE bring their extensive expertise in quantum healing, sound healing, and qigong to create experiences that are both enriching and healing.

Rediscover your true self in Sedona’s breathtaking landscapes. Embrace the opportunity to renew, rebirth, and realign within nature’s embrace. With Sedona Rebirth Tours, the possibilities for profound transformation are endless, inviting you to a life-changing experience that goes beyond the physical journey.

 Take the First Step Towards a New You!
Sedona is calling. Will you answer?

YES... I am ready for rejuvenation and self-discovery

Choose Your Experience...

Sedona Hiking Tours

Sedona Hiking Tours:

Trek & Transform

Experience the transformative power of Sedona's red rocks and vortex energy on a guided transformational hiking journey.

Sedona Couples Retreats

Sedona Couples Retreats

Conscious Couples

Embark on a journey with Dr. Harmony & Deremiah *CPE in Sedona to deepen your connection. Discover guided meditations, couple's yoga, and workshops for better communication. Gain tools for lasting growth in a magical setting.

Sedona Retreats

Sedona Retreats:

VIP Half & Full Day Retreats

In the heart of Sedona's vibrant energies, experience a 1:on:1 curated journey of spiritual awakening, alignment, and activation. This tailored experience offers a cocoon for deep introspection, reflection, and personal creation.

Shamanic Journeys Sedona, Dive deep into spiritual realms and awaken your inner mystic.

Sedona Native Rituals:

Vortex Shaman Journey

Delve into the mystic union of ancient shamanic practices and Sedona's powerful vortex energies. Led by Dr. Harmony & Deremiah *CPE, seasoned Shamans, this journey offers a transformative exploration of the spirit realm, melding drumming, rituals, and guided sessions. Discover age-old wisdom, healing, and a deeper connection to the world beyond. Embrace the dance with ancestral energies in the heart of Sedona.

Sedona Hiking Tours

Sedona Vortex Tours:

Hike & Heal

Immerse in the restorative dance of Sedona's energies. Experience holistic healing and rebalance your chakras for a harmonious self.

Sedona Wellness Retreats

Sedona Vortex Tours:

Spiritual Journeys

Delve deep into the mysteries of your soul. Gain insights and clarity as Dr. Harmony uses her psychic abilities and delivers Universal messages about your destiny, all amidst the potent energies of Sedona.

Reiki Certification Sedona.  Master the ancient art of Reiki through our comprehensive Levels 1, 2, and 3 certification.

Reiki Certified in Sedona:

Reiki Levels 1-2-3 Certification

Amidst the powerful energies of Sedona, unlock the secrets of Reiki. Dr. Harmony's certification program is more than just a course – it's a transformative Sedona reiki retreat experience.

Weddings in Sedona,  love in Sedona's mystic landscapes. Tailored wedding ceremonies that resonate with your soul's union.

Weddings in Sedona:

Vortex Wedding Packages 

Celebrate your everlasting love against the enchanting backdrop of Sedona's mystical landscapes.  Whether you're getting married, renewing vows, planning a proposal, or embracing self-marriage, our vortex wedding packages provide spiritually-charged ceremonies designed specifically for mindful couples seeking a unique connection with each other and the vibrant energies of Sedona's vortexes. Experience a union that transcends the ordinary, deeply rooted in the spiritual essence of Sedona.

Vortex Voices

Vortex Voices

Vortex Voices
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VIP Day Retreat

VIP Day Retreat

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You Will Go Home A Different Person!

You Will Go Home A Different Person!

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If you feel the call, Trust Yourself and Come!

If you feel the call, Trust Yourself and Come!

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Highly Recommend the Retreat!

Highly Recommend the Retreat!

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Sedona Vortex Hiking Tours

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About Your Guides

Meet Your Dynamic Duo: Dr. Harmony and Deremiah *CPE

Explore transformative healing with Dr. Harmony and Deremiah *CPE at Sedona Rebirth Tours. Their unique blend of spiritual expertise offers an immersive journey into self-discovery and growth.

Dr. Harmony excels in holistic healing, aligning mind, body, heart, and spirit. Her expertise in chiropractic and vibrational medicine, combined with her role as a transformational coach and author, enables profound breakthroughs through specialized coaching and Shamanic journeys in Sedona's vortexes. 

Deremiah *CPE, a seasoned strategic advisor, also shines in music and poetry, focusing on healing arts. His role as a shaman and sound healer adds depth to the retreats, providing transformative experiences through intuitive life coaching.

Together, they create a powerful synergy at Sedona Rebirth Tours.


Their retreats in Sedona's scenic landscapes and vortexes are not just about healing; they're about personal transformation and spiritual awakening.

As ordained ministers, they also offer "Sedona Destination Weddings in the Wild," unique ceremonies that blend masculine and feminine energies for couples in Sedona’s vortexes, making for a sacred union.

Join them for an enlightening experience, connecting with your true self and the power of spirituality in Sedona.

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Transformational Testimony's

Couples Hikes in Sedona

Jenna & Mark

"Taking the Couple's 'Trek & Transform' tour with Dr. Harmony was truly a game-changer for us as a unit. Walking amidst the stunning landscapes of Arizona, we not only discovered the beauty of nature but also reconnected with each other on a deeper level. The exercises and reflections that Dr. Harmony introduced on the trek brought out vulnerabilities, strengths, and passions we'd never fully explored together. We returned not just with memories of a beautiful journey, but with a renewed sense of unity and love for each other. Highly recommended for any couple looking to reignite their bond!"

Sedona Vortex Healing on Bell Rock

Shauna S.

"Dr. Harmony helped me release inner confusion giving me peace and clarity. I am grateful for this healing experience. I highly recommend a Harmonic Healing session in the energy vortex. I found the exercises and action steps she provided to be perfect for me to make practical changes in my daily habits. The views and energy at Bell Rock are spectacular! It was truly a transformative experience."

hiking on Boynton Canyon and secret mountain vortex hike

Jennifer M.

"This Retreat has been healing and enlightening. I have experienced breakthroughs in my spiritual gifts. Dr. Harmony has helped me create a blueprint for my life going forward!"

Sedona Vortex Rebirth Hiking Tours
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