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Sedona Soul Sanctuary:
An Exclusive Vortex VIP Retreats

Escape the everyday and immerse in Sedona's potent energies with a touch of serenity. Dr. Harmony's VIP Day Retreats are your haven of relaxation and introspection.

Experience Highlights:

  • Private 1:on:1 VIP Half or Full Day Retreat.

  • Exclusive healing therapies curated to help you make a deeper connection to yourself.

  • Private guided meditations at vortex sites.

  • Light lunch with locally sourced ingredient (For Full Day Only).

  • Personalized itinerary to match your rebirthing needs.

  • Select either a Half-Day (3.5 Hours) or Full-Day (6 Hours) Experience.

  • Your full day experience includes a 20-minute consultation via Zoom or phone to customize your retreat experience. Upon booking, you'll receive a Zoom link and phone number. Please select your preferred mode of communication.

  • The specific day, time, location, and area of focus will be finalized during our discussion.

Journey Areas of Focus to Explore (but not limited to):

  • Energetic Renewal Retreat: Immerse yourself in practices tailored to cleanse, align, and activate your chakras, rejuvenating on all levels and reconnecting to your innate power.

  • Quantum Leap Manifestation Retreat: Dive deep into advanced techniques that amplify your power of intention, embracing practices to manifest desires from thought into reality.

  • Sacred Self-Discovery Odyssey: Embark on an introspective journey, weaving together modalities to unearth your true essence and aspects of yourself that remained hidden.

  • Soulmate and Twin Flame Union Retreat: Understand and magnetize soulmate or twin flame connections, paving the way for deeper love and intimacy.

  • Generational Healing Intensive: Dive deep into your ancestral line to heal and transmute generational traumas, childhood wounds; liberating you and future generations from past limitations.

  • Divine Creativity Awakening Retreat: Unlock your creativity, stimulating intuition, imagination, and artistic expression across various mediums.

  • Purposeful Business Blueprint Retreat: Align your business pursuits with your deeper purpose, mission, and highest calling. Embrace strategies and mindsets tailored to ensure your spiritually based business thrives, enabling you to make meaningful money.

  • Spiritual Entrepreneur Ascension Retreat: Tailored for those starting or scaling a spiritually based business. Gain clarity, tools, and strategies to grow sustainably and reach 6 figures and beyond.

  • Soulful Authorship Retreat: Channel the deeper recesses of your soul to plan, write, and publish your spiritually based book. Navigate the journey from idea to publication with alignment, purpose, and clarity, ensuring your message resonates and transforms lives.

transformational coaching on bell rock

Duration & Pricing:

  • Private VIP Half-Day Retreat: 3.5 hours | $444

  • Private VIP Full-Day Retreat: 6 hours | $888 

  • Additional Time: Each additional hour is $100 per hour.

Vortex Meeting Point Options (but not limited to):

  • Secret Mountain at Boynton Canyon: Experience a harmonious blend of both masculine and feminine energies. From 89A, heading West into Sedona, turn right onto Dry Creek Road, then follow signs for Boynton Canyon. At the T-junction, turn right to find the parking lot on the right and trailhead near the Enchantment Resort entrance. A Red Rock Parking pass, costing $5 for a day, is required and available onsite. Alternatively, turn left at the T-junction to find free roadside parking, marked by numerous parked cars.

  • Bell Rock: Tap into the masculine energy vortex. Meet at the Courthouse Butte Vista parking lot. When driving south on 179 from 89A, turn left shortly before Bell Rock. If heading north on 179 towards Sedona, make a right just after the Bell Rock Loop Parking lot. A $5 day Red Rock Parking pass is needed and can be bought at the lot.

  • Crescent Moon Park Picnic Area: Engage with the feminine vortex at Cathedral Rock's base. Address: 333 Red Rock Crossing Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336. Meet near the restrooms by the open field. From 89A West, turn left at the light onto Red Rock Loop Road. Next, turn left onto Chavez Ranch Road and a subsequent right onto Red Rock Crossing Road. The entrance is on the left. Day use costs $12 per vehicle (up to 5 people). Additional passengers and walk-ins cost $3 each. Red Rock Grand Annual Pass & Big 3 Red Rock Pass are accepted.

Important Note: Cell service can be unpredictable in some vortex areas. We strongly recommend checking or downloading the provided directions in advance to ensure a smooth journey to our meeting point.

Relax. Reflect. Renew. Dive deep into a day curated just for you, all under the protective embrace of Sedona's energies.

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