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Sedona Vortex Hiking Tours

Dr. Harmony with Sedona Rebirth Hiking Tours
Secret Mountain Majic
Deremiah *CPE with Sedona Rebirth Hiking Tours
Meet Your Guides
Creatrix: Dr. Harmony

Dr. Harmony is a quantum healer, transformational teacher, alchemist of abundance, and freedom-preneur creating universal heart oneness. She has a 25-year background in chiropractic and vibrational medicine and holds a doctorate in divinity. 
Dr. Harmony is the creator of many programs, VIP days, and group retreats that have helped 1000's from Hollywood to Bollywood transcend limitations, take back their power, find real love within, and step into their purpose.
Her mission is to help others awaken their soul blueprint, vibrate at their highest frequency and align with their quantum field to design a life, love, and livelihood of leisure and luxury. 

Through divine guidance, this retreat will assist you in de-armoring your body, mind, heart, and soul so you can rise above your limitations and align with abundance.

Co-Facilitator : Deremiah *CPE

Meet Deremiah *CPE. He is not just an accomplished strategic advisor, award-winning consultant, and author, but also an artist whose creativity and intuition permeate all his endeavors. His artistic expression includes not only music but also poetry, particularly focusing on the divine feminine healing. This unique blend of talents beautifully complements his work in personal transformation and spiritual growth.

A gifted singer known for his 'Stand for Peace' anthem and the upcoming Peace & Love album, Deremiah's voice transcends mere melody – it's a conduit for healing and inspiration. His forthcoming book, which delves into the realms of the divine feminine through poetry, is eagerly anticipated and adds another layer to his profound understanding of personal healing and empowerment.

In our retreat, Deremiah will bring his diverse expertise, including his deep insights as a shaman, reiki, and sound healer. His intuitive life coaching, underscored by a philosophy of peace, divine love, and conscious Christ principles, offers a guiding light to those on their path of self-discovery and transformation.

 Take the First Step Towards a New You!
Sedona is calling. Will you answer?

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Sedona Hiking Tours

Your Path to Renewal Awaits!
Are you ready to answer the call of your true self?

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"Sedona is calling and I must go!" 

Generational Healing In Sedona Vortex at Bell Rock
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