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Hike, Heal, and Evolve with Sedona Rebirth Hiking Tours

Get ready for a journey of discovery and healing with our unique array of services, each designed to align your spirit with the mystical energies of Sedona's vortexes. Catering to both individuals, couples and small groups, our experiences promise personal growth and spiritual rejuvenation.


Sedona Hiking Tours:
Hike & Heal

Embark on guided Sedona hiking tours through the region's breathtaking landscapes. These treks are not just about exploring nature but are an opportunity for emotional and spiritual healing, perfect for individuals and small groups.

Sedona Vortex Tours: Spiritual Journeys

Discover the mystical depths of your spirit with our spiritual journey services. These Sedona vortex tours include guided meditations and reflective walks, tapping into the vortex energy for serenity and insight with our spiritual readings, a cornerstone of our Sedona spiritual tours, harnessing the mystical energy of the area.

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Sedona Holistic Retreats:
VIP Retreats
(Half & Full Day)

Indulge in a unique experience that nourishes your soul. Our VIP Retreats offer a blend of Sedona's natural beauty with transformative coaching, energy healing, and mindfulness practices. Choose from half-day or full-day options for a tailored, exclusive experience.

Sedona Shamanic Journeys 

Explore ancient wisdom with our Shamanic Journeys in Sedona, blending traditional native practices with spiritual ceremonies, drumming circles, and personal exploration for profound spiritual insights.


Reiki Certification:
Levels 1-2-3

in Sedona's Vortexes

Learn the art of Reiki in the heart of Sedona. Our Reiki certification courses, set amidst Sedona's powerful vortex energies, empower you to heal both yourself and others.

Sedona Couples

Join Dynamic Duo Dr. Harmony & Deremiah *CPE for a transformative experience designed to deepen your bond. Nestled in the stunning Sedona vortexes, our retreats blend guided meditations, couple's yoga, and intimate workshops to enhance communication and emotional connection.


Experience holistic wellness, scenic hikes, and starlit dialogues. These retreats offer not just relaxation and adventure but lasting tools for continuous relationship growth. Embrace love's journey amidst Sedona's magic.

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Weddings in Sedona: Vortex Vows

Celebrate your union amidst Sedona's mystical vortexes. Dr. Harmony & Deremiah *CPE craft ceremonies unique to your love story, be it a wedding, vow renewal, or self-marriage, all set against Sedona's powerful energies, making your special day truly unforgettable.

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