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Vortex Vows:
Weddings in Sedona

wedding ceremonies sedona

Experience the enchantment of Sedona's vortexes as the perfect setting for your sacred union. Dually officiated by Dr. Harmony & Deremiah *CPE, renowned for officiating uniquely tailored ceremonies, capture the essence of your love. Whether it’s a divine Sedona wedding, a heartfelt vow renewal, a romantic proposal, or a profound self-marriage, each ceremony is meticulously crafted to harmonize with the land's powerful energies. Our Sedona vortex weddings embody the spiritual essence of this magical location, ensuring your special day is as unforgettable as your love story.

Experience Highlights:

  • Unique venues amidst Sedona's natural beauty.

  • Spiritual ceremonies resonating with vortex energies.

  • Customized decor and arrangements.

  • Energetic blessings for the couple.

Ceremony Options (but not limited to):

  • Sacred Union Wedding: Celebrate your eternal love amidst Sedona's ethereal backdrop. This traditional wedding ceremony resonates with the energies of the universe, ensuring your bond is sealed with timeless devotion.

  • Self-Marriage Dedication: Honor your personal journey, self-worth, and self-love. This empowering ritual signifies a profound commitment to oneself, allowing you to embrace every aspect of your being amidst the spiritual energy of Sedona.

  • Mystical Proposal: Set the stage for a lifetime of love and unity. Propose to your significant other in a magical setting, ensuring that the moment you decide to spend your lives together is surrounded by the potent energies of Sedona.

  • Eternal Vow Renewal: Rekindle the flames of passion and reaffirm your love. Whether it's your first anniversary or your fiftieth, renewing your vows in Sedona's spiritual vortexes will breathe new life into your commitment.

Vortex Ceremony Options (but not limited to):

  • Secret Mountain at Boynton Canyon: Experience a harmonious blend of both masculine and feminine energies. From 89A, heading West into Sedona, turn right onto Dry Creek Road, then follow signs for Boynton Canyon. At the T-junction, turn right to find the parking lot on the right and trailhead near the Enchantment Resort entrance. A Red Rock Parking pass, costing $5 for a day, is required and available onsite. Alternatively, turn left at the T-junction to find free roadside parking, marked by numerous parked cars.

  • Bell Rock: Tap into the masculine energy vortex. Meet at the Courthouse Butte Vista parking lot. When driving south on 179 from 89A, turn left shortly before Bell Rock. If heading north on 179 towards Sedona, make a right just after the Bell Rock Loop Parking lot. A $5 day Red Rock Parking pass is needed and can be bought at the lot.

  • Crescent Moon Park Picnic Area: Engage with the feminine vortex at Cathedral Rock's base. Address: 333 Red Rock Crossing Rd, Sedona, AZ 86336. Meet near the restrooms by the open field. From 89A West, turn left at the light onto Red Rock Loop Road. Next, turn left onto Chavez Ranch Road and a subsequent right onto Red Rock Crossing Road. The entrance is on the left. Day use costs $12 per vehicle (up to 5 people). Additional passengers and walk-ins cost $3 each. Red Rock Grand Annual Pass & Big 3 Red Rock Pass are accepted.

Important Note: Cell service can be unpredictable in some vortex areas. We strongly recommend checking or downloading the provided directions in advance to ensure a smooth journey to our meeting point.

Unite. Celebrate. Cherish. Begin your marital journey where the earth and energies converge in celebration.

Plan your dream wedding, self-marriage, proposal, or vow renewal in Sedona's vortexes. Book a free 'Forever Love' consultation to craft a ceremony that deeply resonates with your spiritual and love journey.


Dually officiated by the divine duo Dr. Harmony and Deremiah *CPE, your special day will be a blend of masculine and feminine energies, reflecting your unique love story. 

We tailor your perfect ceremony with us, where every detail reflects your unique spiritual love journey.


Our custom ceremonies range in price based on the depth of ceremony and traditions you wish to include. From uniting your energies in a sacred bond and embracing native rituals to incorporating ancient wisdom determines the level of planning and effort involved.


Typical self-marriages, proposals, and vow renewals vary from $275 - $497, while wedding ceremonies range from $597 - $4997, all depending on your vision.

For a Limited Time Book Your Free 'Forever Love'

30-minute Zoom or Phone Consultation:

(reg. $99 - valid through 4/11/24)

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