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Plan Your Perfect Wedding
Vortex Vows in Sedona!

Step into the enchanting landscapes of Sedona to craft and exchange vows that resonate with your soul. Whether it's a traditional wedding, a vow renewal, a self-commitment, or a heartfelt proposal, let the mystical energies of this sacred land inspire words that echo eternity. Embrace love in its purest form, framed by the ageless beauty of Sedona. Let's co-create a ceremony that's uniquely yours.

Plan your dream wedding, self-marriage, proposal, or vow renewal in Sedona's vortexes. Book a free 'Forever Love' consultation to craft a ceremony that deeply resonates with your spiritual and love journey.


Officiated by the divine duo Dr. Harmony and Deremiah *CPE, your special day will be a blend of masculine and feminine energies, reflecting your unique love story. 

We tailor your perfect ceremony with us, where every detail reflects your unique spiritual love journey.


Our custom ceremonies range in price based on the depth of ceremony and traditions you wish to include. From uniting your energies in a sacred bond and embracing native rituals to incorporating ancient wisdom determines the level of planning and effort involved.


Typical self-marriages, proposals, and vow renewals vary from $275 - $497, while wedding ceremonies range from $575 - $2997, all depending on your vision.

For a Limited Time Book Your Free 'Forever Love'

30-minute Zoom or Phone Consultation:

(reg. $99 - valid through 7/4/24)


Select your ceremony type, specify your the number of individuals in your wedding party and the total count of guests attending. 

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