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Shamanic Journeys:
A Dance with the Ancient Spirits

Traverse the mystical realms with our Shamanic journeys, where ancient traditions and modern soul-searching converge. As you embark on these powerful voyages, reconnect with primal energies, ancestral wisdom, and your inner spirit guide.

This isn't just an experience—it's a deep dive into the sacred tapestry of existence. Let the Shamanic rhythms lead your spirit and awaken your true essence.

Duration & Pricing:

  • Private Shamanic Journey: 2.5 hours | $300

  • Group Shamanic Journey (up to 6 people): 3 hours | $250

  • Additional Time: Each additional hour is $100 per person.

Please select your desired location, specify your focus area, and indicate the number of attendees in your party during checkout.

Important Note: Cell service can be unpredictable in some vortex areas. We strongly recommend checking or downloading the provided directions in advance to ensure a smooth journey to our meeting point.

If you have any questions, please

Please scroll down to select your service and specify the number of participants in your group.

Note: Prices are based on a per-person rate. Ensure the appropriate option is selected based on the number of attendees.

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