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Reiki Certification:
Unleashing Universal Energies

Embark on a transformative Reiki Certification Excursion with Dr. Harmony in the magnetic vortexes of Sedona. Whether you're starting with Level 1 or advancing to Master, each session is a deep dive into energy healing, universal alignment, and personal empowerment. Customize your journey with a pre-excursion consultation, and emerge as a beacon of healing light.

Reiki Certification Booking Steps:

  • Opt for either a Private or Group Certification Excursion.

  • Determine your desired certification level, from Level 1 to Master.

  • Schedule a $99 preliminary 20-minute consultation, either via Zoom or phone. This fee will be credited towards your certification.

  • Post-booking, you'll be provided with a Zoom link and a phone number. Indicate your communication preference.

  • Our consultation will solidify the day, time, location, and specific focus of your certification excursion.

Duration & Pricing:

  • Private Certification (1:on:1): 

    • Level 1: 2.5-hour excursion - $444

    • Level 1 & 2: 4-hour excursion - $444/level

    • Level 1, 2 & 3: 6-hour excursion - $444/level

  • Group Certification (Max: 6 people): 

    • Level 1: 3-hour excursion - $333/person

    • Level 1 & 2: 6-hour excursion - $333/person per level

    • Level 1, 2 & 3: 8-hour excursion - $333/person per level

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